the frontrunner is fine, if you're not late

today and tomorrow i am attending an economic training seminar in salt lake. the two day conference is free and i will receive professional development credits for it. the only thing i have to promise is to use it once in my classroom this year, no problem. because it is in salt lake i rode the train. i didn't want to ride with pete because he leaves too early. i was planning on being 30 minutes early leaving me plenty of time to get on trax and find my way around. well, that did not happen. i missed my first train because bella threw-up in her kennel last night. the second train was on time, but we had to wait for about 8 minutes in roy (i am not sure why). it is now 8:00 and we just passed bountiful. the conference starts at 8:30! i am not going to make it on time, story of my life. i enjoy the train because so far i have emailed the guy to tell him i am late, read an article on the country i am assigned to, checked my email, and blogged. if i had driven (which i should have, the traffic was fine) i would not have been able to do those things. good-bye for now, i hope your morning was a bit smoother than mine. i hope to blog about jamaica soon. 

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