jamaica here we come!

the house is clean, laundry almost finished, dog fed, and the bags are packed. i finally found time to post as i wait for pete to come home. tonight i fly to jamaica for our mission trip! i am excited and nervous. for such a tiny island there is a lot to know about jamaica that i don't know. i would like you, as my friends, to pray for me and the team as we attempt to let go of ourselves and let God use us how He wills. a few things i am expecting and praying about:

i pray God will use me in a great way, and i will notice it.

i want to be a person of encouragement to my team, with no complaining.

i pray for a renewed awe of who God is and how great and mighty He is. 

i want to notice God's work in those around me (and tell them when i do)

i pray i will find time everyday to spend with just me and God.

those are a few things i am praying for and if you want to pray too that would be great. verses i chose to help me on this trip are:

philippians 2.3-4

galatians 5.13

thank you for your support in my life and i hope you have fun this week

love amy

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