evening in south weber

tonight i went to my parents house after Bible study because my grandparents were there and sarah thought i should be there (my grandparents are really funny sometimes, but only if you are in the same room.) the following pictures are a recap of the evening. my mom wanted to hang some lights on the patio; my dad did most of the work, my grandpa helped in his own way, and i, my grandma, and sarah took pictures (sometimes of each other).

this is my grandpa, climbing on the wrong side of the ladder! we yelled at him a bit. he was handing my dad a hammer

mario came and watched the process. i'm sure he was thinking, "how many people does it take to hang some lights?" he was also thinking, "that old guy keeps making noises at me"

for about 30 seconds, my grandpa made meow sounds at the cat. it was so funny because my brother does the same thing.

the finished lights, aren't they nice?

sarah, doing a crazy dance

also, i took a picture of a hummingbird on the front porch

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