Tea Sets and a Birthday Party

J was invited to a birthday party for a friend and the invite mentioned a "Dress up Tea Party." Well we (yes we) were sold right there. My girl loves to dress up and I do enjoy a good Tea Party. She was even asked to bring a doll or stuffed animal along too. Here are a few pics from the festivities: 

J with the birthday girl. 

One of many outfits she tried on. Her baby having tea

Dancing to the music

Luncheon and Tea (punch for the girls)

She was loving the whole thing!

They got to have their nails painted too

After-party burnout. She was so tired when we got home.

So the party ended but she was pretty excited about the little tea sets that she could use for her doll at the party and I just had to let her in on a little secret. I had been waiting until she was older, but now was a good time: I collected quite a few mini tea sets in my younger days. Yep, I was the jr. high kid and now 30 year old with a tea set collection. So I went in the storage box and unwrapped a few of the not-so-delicate variety for her to try. 

The resin sets I have - the sunflower just screams 90s and it's one of my favorites (I actually put it back in storage for now)

All the friends, enjoying some tea

Some of the collection - for another time

More tiny sets - I did let her keep the set on the left in her room for a while. There is also a larger set in the box back there that we didn't bother unwrapping just yet. 

This was my first tea set. I am pretty sure we bought it on a vacation somewhere but I can't quite remember. Maybe when we visited Tiny Town in Colorado? So many memories when I look at it but not as clear as they used to be. 

I love that I could share this moment with my girl today. It is fun to enjoy the same things and give a bit of my childhood to hers.

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