Party time

We attended the BD Christmas party this weekend. Because we had a few car issues to take care of earlier that day; I had to meet Pete at my parents' house and get ready there. It was like we were getting ready for the prom - with a 5 year old and 3 year old in tow. So my mom took the "obligatory picture" and off we went. My parents were also generous and watched the kids for us. 

While it took us a long time to get to the party, because of an accident in Centerville, we found a parking spot and walked to the McCune Mansion. I cannot imagine living in a house that size, let alone during the early 1900s. It is a beautiful place. The food is good and I meet some of the same people every year, once a year. So for about an hour and a half (maybe a record for Pete) we talked with his co-workers, walked around the house, ate food, drank wine and coffee (not together) and ate delicious mini desserts - pictured below because they were so pretty and cute. 

We didn't participate in the free gambling or dancing upstairs but I did manage to get one photo booth picture out of him before we left. I love that I can dress up and have fun with my man, even though he would have rather been home.

He has been blessed with a good job that he enjoys and I'm very grateful. We returned to my parents' house to find both kids asleep in their bed. We carried them to the car, still mostly asleep, drove them home, and put them right to bed - still asleep. It was a great evening. 

P.S. I found out that B is much much heavier than J when he is sleeping.

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