Hello, Goodbye

Goodbye 2014:

This year has come and gone. What a year I have had. I've learned and grown in God and, man, is He amazing!

2014 was eventful in many ways:

30th birthday
10 year marriage anniversary
The girl turned 5
Grandpa is 90 and married 65 years
First day of Kindergarten
BD trips to New Zealand & Austria
Life altering books read
Closer friendships made
We read the whole Bible (I think this is my 4th time through in a year)
Many more events, some painful and some joyous but through it all, God is good!

Hello 2015!

Things I look forward to in 2015:

Memorizing Romans chapter 8
Memorizing Colossians 3:12-17
Grace through whatever God gives
To be Christ-exalting in all I do and grateful for His grace, mercy, and forgiveness when I am not.

This new year, may you draw closer to God our Savior, the One who takes away the sins of the world. (Jn 1:29)

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