Miss Bindergarten

Last weekend we went to the Treehouse Museum for the Miss Bindergarten party given for the new kindergarteners of Weber School District. It was a great time with a "circus" outside including activities directed toward skills the students need for kindergarten. I'm glad my mom and sister were able to join us to help out with the kids too. 

There were a few reptiles and birds to watch. We learned a sound to make that made the kookaburra talk back. It was cool. 

Acrobatics and dress up fun

Letter matching game

Obstacle course

She made two in the bucket!

Inside the museum, her favorite exhibit is the hospital/nursery and she would stay all day if she could.

There is a new "Diner car" and even though I'm sure it was full of germs, she had a great time and didn't care a bit about the crowd of people around her.

If he could be anywhere in the museum, it would be downstairs in the workshop or farm area - which is why I need helpers when I take the kids because the babies and the diner are upstairs.

Picture with Miss Bindergarten and of course Aunt Sarah - free t-shirt too!

Group photo - taken by Nancy, thanks!


Sarah said...

I think I had more fun with the animals than the kids did!

Jan Massie said...

The event was spectacular and I hope it's around when B is in Kindergarten xox