The Mommas' Birthdays 2014

We have had a great summer. The middle/end of summer is always birthday fun for my mom and Pete's mom. Their birthdays are 10 days apart which makes for a fun and busy two weeks. This year we made a big deal of the birthdays and it was a great time. 

~ My mom's birthday is also on a state holiday. When we were little, we often escaped the parades and fireworks for my grandparents' cabin. Near Heber City, we call it Little Italy. So this year my parents were going up there for a getaway and the kids and I joined them. It was a great two nights of mountain air, fine dirt, thrift shopping and parks in Heber, good food, and Rummikub and wine at night. The kids and I slept in the loft - just like when I was a kid. It  was nice to see them enjoy the cabin as I did and create memories at Little Italy. 

The neighbors at the cabin (ironically named Jeff & Carol just like our friends from church) have a backhoe and forklift. J said, "Take our picture on the tire!" So we did.

I lost nearly every game we played but I won the last game!

She is my adventure girl. I was the one who had to say, "Maybe we should turn around and find Grammy." 

The first night was my mom's birthday and we sang to her before the kids went to bed. It was a great weekend. I am so thankful for my mom and the memories she gave us as kids. I'm glad she enjoyed her birthday and made some new memories with her grandkids.

~ The next weekend was Anne's 60th birthday! I don't remember the last time she had a birthday party that was more than just our family so Pete and Carol started the ball rolling on a shindig she would enjoy. It was not too complicated because of the help from friends (read: I didn't do it all on my own) Our friend, Carol, helped me with decorations and she was a great help in talking out the logistics of a party in the park.

The decorations. Jen brought the lovely flowers and the party looked great. 

Many friends and family were able to attend. It was a great night; even with the slight rain. 

Anne with her parents

Family picture

Our mothers mean so much to us. God has given us great blessings in our families. Such wisdom and laughter from both women. I love them both dearly. 

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