Psalms 16:11

Pete and I are still reading through the Bible in one year using the Bible Eater schedule. 6 months in and I am still enjoying the pace and structure (usually 3 chapters a day - one from the new testament.)

Now, every few books are set up to be read in one sitting - or as fast as you can. This is tough for me because I fall asleep when I read for longer than 20min. So 1 & 2 Chronicles and Job was slow going but I made it through and am on track again. We are in Psalms and Luke this month.

Yesterday, the reading included Psalms 16 - one of my favorites. 

Psalms 16:11
"You make known to me the path of life; 
in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

I want to meditate on those words. I can be assured that God will make known to me the path of life and joy comes because of my relationship with Him.

Because of Christ, I can be with God NOW in this life, not only in heaven forevermore, but now!

Man, why is that something I let pass by so often? God is who I live for and He gives me strength to get through the day.

I have His power to get through the crazy fits that J and now B have given me nearly daily. When I parent my children out of my own sinfulness it is "the blind leading the blind" but I am redeemed in Christ and should no longer live in my fleshly habits but in the power of His Spirit.

Pray with me as I daily surrender to God and His leadings in every aspect of my life. May we, as the church, make time to be in the Word and meditate on God's Words throughout our days. 

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jen said...

Good for you for sticking with it! I finished studying Titus yesterday and studied last night so that this morning I could start teaching through John with the girls. Hoping to pass on/grow a love for digging deep into God's Word, not just reading it to check a box off.