Independence Day

Our day started off bright and early at 6am to get ready for the Huntsville 5k. I decided to push the kids in the stroller this year and had a great time as well as great time: 31min. total! I walked very minimally and kept about a 10min/mile pace. My goal was 35min. so I'm very pleased with our results. Here is a picture of some of my running friends. Most of them ran the 10k.

Every year our church sets up shade tents and rows of chairs so we can gather and watch the parade. Pete's grandparents joined in the festivities again this year. 

Cute kids on the front row.

The parade is one of my favorites. There are old cars, tractors, and kids on bikes. Horses, firetrucks, and various floats complete the experience. And of course there is candy for the kids to grab. I never realized, that as a parent, I would be saying, "Wait until the cars and trailers are out of the way before running into the street to pick up candy of the road!"

My little one pushing around a little friend. It is enjoyable to watch her start to take care of the younger kids.

It may just be me, but this little miss transformed into a "little kid" over night. She is no longer a toddler/preschooler to me but has moved on to an older version of herself.

There are also vendor booths in Huntsville park so we walked around for a bit. While my mom took J to get her face painted, I took B to visit Mrs. Elaine in her Usborne tent. He tried out a bit of doodling, in the shade, it was so hot that day. This is him, adding teeth to a shark.

Here is her "Hello Kitty" face paint that she left on overnight. We also went "fishing" at our church's booth and won these plastic, pink vampire teeth. So, yep.

I'm glad to get to spend time with both my side of the family and Pete's. Here is a picture I "forced" on them. Really everyone was into it except B and Uncle Gerald. 

After an afternoon at home for naps and rest; we packed up and drove to the Huntsville fireworks. We met up with some friends who were visiting from Colorado and even ran into Ben & Holly and sat with them - which happened about three years in a row now so I'm calling it our new tradition. We had about and hour and a half before the actual show and surprisingly the kids did very well. The did need some climbing time so Pete was a natural solution. 

The kids loved the show and B wasn't afraid of the loudness like he was last year. J kept saying, "Wow, that is the biggest firework I've ever seen... no that one.... no, that is!" It was so sweet to listen to their enjoyment. 

I'm grateful to live in the United States of America. We have many, many freedoms that have been bought by the sacrifices of others and I'm thankful to the many men and women I know who have served our nation. 

I am also so glad to be able to live out my freedom in Christ and show others the grace God has given through His death on the cross and resurrection. May you give and be given God's grace today to someone who would need it. 

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Jan Massie said...

And may you continue to bless us with your stories. Thank you so much xxoo