laundry room makeover

we moved into our house in october 2009 and the only unfinished area of the house was the laundry room/entry from the garage. it wasn't a reason not to buy the house because the rest was finished so nicely. we knew someday we would finish the laundry room but i did not expect it to be so "soon" - in my book anyway. pete just decided he needed a project and now was as good a time as any to work on the room. i don't deal well with change, especially when it is thrust upon me so i had a little selfish "i'm not ready for you to do that yet" pity party then got over it and remembered that my husband is wonderful and actually knows how to finish the whole room by himself which means we don't have to pay someone else to do the labor! i am so blessed that way and i always forget. may i never forget again!

because pete's name is gompert he got right to it and by the time i thought to document the process with before and after shots he was already on the framing. so i don't have a picture of just the empty room with all our junk strewn on the floor, ugly sump pump right when you walk in the door, and the pipe on the floor going from the furnace into the drain. but i did manage to get the good after pictures, which is what everyone wants to see anyway:

tom and pete working on the framing. plus deciding how to move the gas pipe above their heads into the closeted area so it can be hidden.
more framing of the walls
before picture of the sump pump - actually it is an "after the new pipes" were in. the old pipes were rusted and went straight up in the air then over to the wall, it's much better this way.
insulation on the two outside walls - it helped a lot with the coldness of the room. also, my dryer vent goes outside now! woohoo
framing in the pipes and such
drywall getting close to completion
pete working on more drywall. the small areas were the worst (so he said) i didn't take any pictures of the mud/texture step, i just forgot. also the paint/floors was quick in one day or two and i forgot then too. the fumes of the floor weren't good for me to be around so jane and i left the house during that time anyway.
paint and floors all finished! it looks so bright and cheery now!
almost complete, just need doors, shelves, and a faucet for the sink
drying rods for my delicate type clothes or shelves for the laundry baskets. also, the sump pump is under there, no more ugly pipes!
the doors are in just in time to hide all our stuff and the furnace
finished look from the garage door looking in
washer/dryer area complete with shelf and window sill.
so that's the end of the project (almost) and it looks great!
now the tour of our house will include the laundry room too!

thank you so much pete for working so hard and helping me have a nice laundry room and not a dungeon. thanks also to anne, tom, and mike for helping. oh, and if jane is along for the tour of the room she can show you the spot she helped paint. she points it out all the time!

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