blogging while making lunch

my computer is sitting on my kitchen counter and i am "cooking" lunch for jane and myself. it has been snowing here most of the morning so i decided on comfort food for lunch - whole grain mac'n'cheese (yes from a box), leftover tomato soup, strawberries, hard-boiled egg, and whatever else i decide. today is a day at home. normally on thursdays we have a mom's Bible study at my house and Bible study that night but jane has been sick this week so we are staying home today just to be nice. she is feeling much better the past two days and only gets a slight fever right before bed but the dr. said we should probably stay away from others until she has been fever free for 24 hours.

so, lunch has been made and we are currently eating. i don't remember what time it was when i started writing but there have been many distractions in between and that is partly why i don't blog unless jane is sleeping. next post (hopefully tonight) will be pictures of our remodeled laundry room!

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