my new eye glasses

i have been wanting new glasses for a while. my old glasses were from high school, i think, and my prescription has changed since then but not enough to warrant new glasses because i usually wear contacts. i like the idea of glasses but sometimes contacts are more practical. i have stopped wearing my glasses out of the house because jane got hold of them one day and bent the arm quite a bit and they have never fit the same again. so, i use them in the morning and at night when i don't have contacts in.

i found out about a company called coastal contacts and they were giving away "free" glasses on a certain day if you had a special code. if you live out of state you may be able to get some where you live because they do a different group of states every week. check them out on facebook to find out when your state gets a turn! so i got a code and started looking at the glasses i would want (it took me literally three days to decide) but i found a pair that i really liked - then i found out they didn't qualify for the coupon. so i picked another pair i really liked and i'm glad i got these instead of the other. my glasses/lenses/shipping only cost 60.40! i think i like them and the new prescription is definitely different (worse on the scale but at least i can see better.)

my mom also told me about a site called and they have glasses for super cheap (i found a pair i liked for 40.00 total!) so maybe next year i'll geta funky purple pair - like the original kind i wanted. now i get why some people buy glasses like they are shoes or something; such a fun accessory!

they are more rectangle shaped than my last oval pair. they are plastic rims with a brown stripped design and thicker sides. the sides also have some bedazzled half-moons for extra pizazz!

oh, and having new glasses makes me want a new hair cut so that's in the works now too.


Jan said...

You look very nice xxooo

Claire said...

Very nice! I've seen those deals but didn't realize you could get specific prescrips. I'll be on the lookout now!