february and march books

i have been slacking off in most areas of life lately. i pretty much feel behind the game, all the time. house work, dinners, laundry, Bible reading, prayer, gym time, blogging, and my monthly reading. i am going to make some radical changes in my life so i can get back on track. first i thought i would catch up on some blog updates.

february book:

for february i read a book called "culture shift" by al mohler. it was a smaller book comprised of short essays/sermons he had written and crammed into a book. most of them deal with hot topics in american culture such as education issues, abortion, gay rights, politics in general - which is why it's titled culture shift. i think it is meant to jog your brain so that the reader can make decisions on what they really believe. i liked the book because it filled some of my academic void and gave me insight into what the rest of christian society could be if we thought about things in a Biblical way and not based on what is "moral" or "hip" right now.

march book:
in march i read a book titled, "why we're not emergent: by two guys that should be" by kevin deyoung and ted kluck. it was a great book for me to read at that time. i think utah is a bit behind the rest of the nation in this area (but aren't we always a few years behind) which is probably a good thing. the book gives a basic overview on what the emergent culture and movement is and it also gives Biblical reasons on why some of their ideas and doctrines (or lack of) are not in line with the Bible. i thought it was very well written and did not in any way "bash" the leaders or emergent culture but gave a carefully thought out basis of why we should be discerning when it comes to new ideas and teachings on what it means to be Christ-like. i am not doing a good job of explaining it so i think you should read it for yourself. i am possibly going to bump a few books off my year list in order to put more books by them on the list. a few are, "why we love the church" which is sort of a follow up book. and the other is "just do something" by kevin deyoung which is about finding God's will in your life without waiting for some mystical sign from God as to what His will is.

so there you have it. two more books down - 9 to go! can you believe there are only 8 months left in 2010. yikes, i need to get to reading (yes, my april book is not quite finished - and it's may already)

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Jan said...

you're reading much better than I am...I'm 2 books behind, I finished the Bible Book of Revelation THIS YEAR and will possibly finish the 'Names of God' in two weeks...wow, slow goes my reading, you're inspiring!