rough week

last week was quite the week. mostly all the action and drama was centered around jane, and not in a good way. it all started monday morning when i forgot to close the baby gate at the top of the stairs and jane fell all the way down! i was so scared and grateful because she didn't get hurt except for a tiny bump on her head. we went to the dr. anyway and she was given the all clear.

the next night, pete got sick with some sort of stomach bug. he was up all night, and jane woke up in the middle of the night too. turns out she was probably not feeling well that night either because wednesday morning she threw up her food most of the morning. it was so sad. so pete stayed home from work, and jane was pretty happy most of the time - unless she was throwing up, which happened about 4 times that day. thursday wasn't too bad for jane, she did have some messy diapers, but seemed okay. thursday night was when i got sick. i really think that God allowed me to stay healthy while jane was at her sickest so i could take care of her. well, i was sick all night and jane woke up for 2 hours that night with an explosive diaper that pete took care of. friday i was sick all morning but felt better by afternoon. we took jane to the dr. to make sure she was on the right track to recovery and pete came home from work so i didn't have to drive there by myself (probably wouldn't have been safe.)

anyway, we all survived and i pray that this illness doesn't come visiting for a very long time, or ever again. i learned that jane doesn't like pedialite (neither do i, it's gross) and that it is very sad when your baby is sick and you can't help them feel better. we both took care of each other and jane when we were sick, but it was still terrible. last thought, i feel bad for the dog too because we hardly even talked to her or pet her the whole week.

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Claire said...

Ugh! Sounds like such a rough week. I'm glad you've all come out the other side and I hope this week is on the TOTAL opposite end of the spectrum!