life: given to me

i have started my 26th year of life. this year seems different and better already. i have been confronted lately with the fact that God gives me each day to live and it is His to grant to me, i don't deserve it! i appreciate each new day and year even more when i realize that God is in control. i am willing to give Him control of my life, but sometimes i don't. i want this 26th year to be different in that way. i want to grow in my knowledge and relationship with Christ, i want to take each moment from God as a blessing and share what He has done for me with others.

as a "radical" change, i was going to change the name of my blog to: "life, given to me" but then i realized that the title i already have is still very much my desire: to be the way i was made. so i will keep it and hopefully become more of the way i was made in 2010.

~ insert cute picture for those of you who "can't" read long posts without some pictures to distract you...

jane, march 2010

anyway, i am excited for a few things this year, mostly for warmer weather. i drove by the huntsville park today and wanted to let jane ride in the swings, but it was raining and there is still snow at the park. i remember in 2004, when pete and i got married, it snowed at the end of april, two weeks before the wedding, and we freaked out a bit thinking that we would be shoveling snow off the grass, at a park, on may 15th! good thing we didn't have to. i think that park is one of the best around and i hope my friends and family can drive an extra ten minutes to enjoy it with us this summer. it has a great kid park, adults too if needed. it has picnic tables, a sand volley ball court and plenty of space for ultimate frisbee or bbqs.

picture distraction:
may 15, 2004

i am also looking forward to the fourth of july this year. we live so close now that i could get up for the 5k in the morning, go home and get ready before the parade (and get jane ready), watch the parade, go home for lunch and jane's nap, and bbq later that evening with friends so they don't have to make two trips up and down the canyon. i wonder how the fire works will look from my house? - it is more fun to watch them at the park anyway, more dangerous too.

so, those are a few things i am looking forward to in my 26th year, what are you looking forward to this year?


micah said...

alaska. Birthday at home. 4th in O town! (huntsville) swimming in lakes. road trips. bbqs. camping. more road trips. europe. NC. summer food. warm summer nights. motorcycles. staying out late. driving with the windows down...and maybe something dangerous

Jan said...

I look forward to building relationships with my church family. My grow group has been learning about speaking up on 'hard' things like witnessing. I want to be a 'light' this summer when camping, fishing, boating and hiking. (I'd love to hike in the Uintah's every Saturday)- any takers?

Anonymous said...

Dad said, "her writing makes me cry, cry happy."

Sarah said...

Gerald coming home and all the fun we'll have. All the events happening in June(Jane's birthday, Craig coming home, camping trip, Suzy & David's wedding). July 4th. watching movies with you. BBQ's. hiking A LOT. chacos. and whatever else this summer brings.