signs that point to me getting older

okay, i am now 26 years old. i know that to some of you who read this that seems young and you may long to be 26 again. to some of you, 26 is only a few years removed from where you are now and you are much wiser, i'm sure, because of it. and to some of you, dear readers whoever you are, you are younger and can't really imagine being 26. i was like you, not long ago (even at 25.) so let me start by clarifying that i am not complaining about getting older, i quite enjoy it. i am just starting to notice little things that i just realized happened many years ago. here is my list:

~ i have now been married SIX years! yes, i know, i was married when i was "young" for most standards of marriage; but it seems like six years is starting to lean toward no longer being newlyweds and being, just, married.
~ the students that i taught my first year of teaching are graduating this week! i taught them when they were in 9th grade geography. and oh, what a crazy class they were. luckily they have changed a lot since then, they have matured into young adults (almost) who are good at what they want to be good at. and i am happy to say, a few have given their lives to Christ in the past few years!
~ one of the cheerleaders that i coached at chs when she was a junior is now the coach! yikes. this is the one that got me thinking about being older because my girl band friend, allie, made cheerleader this year and her coach was my cheerleader in 06 and 07. which means she has been graduated from high school for 3 years already and may graduate college next year.
~ my little baby jane is almost one year. this does not make me feel old, necessarily, but it made me realize that time is moving quickly and i need to be better at documenting the moments and live my life completely.
those are a few of the things that hit me recently and i know practically every year i will have some moments like these. i hope i can always love the age i am and become a better person every year because of, or in spite of, my experiences. thank you Jesus for the people You have put in my life to help me see the good things You provide and the memories i have. amen.


Sarah said...'s another one. Shalie graduated college early--december 09. I graduated high school before her and I'm still not finished with college yet. All I can say is, what up with that?!!

melissa oholendt said...

Yeah. I feel old. Like way old.

Claire said...

so crazy. we're all growing up!