ugly bella

similar to ugly betty, i don't know if you watch the show but if you don't you may not understand this post as well as the rest of us. let me start by saying, bella is now ugly - but like ugly betty, she still has a good personality and is our sweet bella. okay, do i have your attention?

it all started in may. i was about 36 weeks pregnant and we wanted to get bella a haircut for summer time before the baby came. well, that fell through and we put it off. two weeks ago, bella looked like the picture above. she was a pretty australian shepherd who happened to have ratty fur that was shedding all over the place. we hated it because sweeping the floor was the last thing on my mind with the new baby. i think pete would have had to sweep twice a day to keep up with all the fur (yep, pete is the one sweeping the floors lately.)

so ladies and gentlemen, i give you, ugly bella:

this picture is perfect because it makes her uglier than she really is
same bella, but now she likes her bed because she doesn't get too hot and all the ratty hair is gone. notice the "squirrel" tail that bella now has

still love the face and the crazy eye. the upside: i hope bella can be cooler. the downside: it could take up to a year for it to grow back - oh well


Claire said...

Ahh! hehe. I bet she loves the cooler feel though! I can't believe it will take that long to grow! But hopefully as she gets a bit longer it'll look better :)

Jan Ciao Baby Massie said...

she doesn't look too bad - go bella

micah said...

i love ugly bella's new look!