the things i do for baby

okay, this post is about my observations as a parent of the things we have to do for and to our child in order to improve their life. the catch... they usually don't like these things nor do they understand them. this new responsibility in my life has helped me understand a bit more about God's love for us. now, disclaimer to this post: i am not comparing myself to God and i know that what i experience for jane is just a glimpse of what God does for us and how He loves us. but i do believe he gives us children to help us understand more about Him in a different way than we did. with that said, lets talk about things parents do that babies don't understand or like but it is good for them.

1. diaper changes: sometimes kids don't like to get their diaper changed, jane doesn't seem to mind, but it is necessary to keeping them healthy and comfortable.

2. sucking out boogers: i had to clear out jane's nose every morning and night for about two weeks because she had a lot of mucus build up. so, step one - put two drops of saline solution in each nostril (to loosen things up.) step 2 - proceed with suction which was about two or three times per side. obviously, as a baby she doesn't know what is going on or even realize the fact that she can't breathe well and it will get better once the mucus is gone. she hated it so much that she screams the whole time and it is a terrible cry. i have never heard her cry so much or so loudly until the suction starts. she flings her arms around and tries with all her might to push the bulb away. her legs are kicking violently and her face turns red. little tears are even streaming down her face. after i finish, she still does not realize that she can breathe better. she continues to cry and whimper for about 30 seconds until she knows that the suctioning has stopped. she even does this little bottom lip quiver thing that just melts your heart.

3. tear duct cleaning: she had a blocked tear duct at 5 weeks old. luckily it only lasted a week (some can take 6 months to clear.) 4 times a day i had to wipe the eye and massage the side of her nose with a warm washcloth. she did not like it at all and i'm not sure if it hurt or what but i did it anyway because i knew if i didn't it would just get worse and not better because she couldn't do it herself.

4. immunizations and shots: this is what got me thinking of the whole parenting/God's love thing. think about it, i, as the parent, willingly take my child to get immunized. i know it will hurt her, but it will only be for a short time, and the benefits are much greater than the pain. she does not know that and i'm sure it will be even more difficult the older she gets. she cries and all she can think about is the pain. she doesn't know anything about the preventative care that has just been given to her and if given a choice, i'm sure she would rather go without the shots, because they hurt.

5. breastfeeding: this relates more to me "sacrificing" for her than the others. i will not give much detail, but just in seven weeks, i have endured some minor pain, and some major pain. i have to eat certain things and restrain or refrain from things i would like to eat (mostly coke or alcohol). sometimes she falls asleep while she eats and i have to wake her up again. she also spits on me. i realize the last two things happen no matter what your baby eats but it is still annoying. i have to dress differently, and i don't feel the same about my body, not to mention the hormones running wild. i do all this because i know it has been proven to be better for her. she builds up better immunity and gains all the nutrients she needs. she also will be stronger because of it, why, because that is how God designed it to work, but it doesn't come easily for every mom or every baby.

okay, five reasons is good for now. well as you may have connected, God does the same things for us. we have to go through things that are painful and things we don't understand in order to become better or reach a better version of ourselves. God even puts us through things we may never understand; and i'm sure sometimes it breaks His heart to see us suffer but He knows the outcome will be okay or even great. He also suffered Himself in order to save us and bring glory to himself. (that was the disclaimer part - of course breastfeeding is not even comparable to leaving heaven and dying on the cross, but it's the closest thing i thought of.)

i do all these things because i love my baby and God loves us and wants us to understand how great He is.

that is all for now, what other comparisons or thoughts do you have? leave a comment, it might encourage someone else who reads it.


mogg said...

Amen, and perfect post! I think that God also helps us by making it less disgusting when it's your own baby. It really is true, it's different with your own kid. Cleaning poop out of the carpet isn't nearly as disgusting when it came from your child. I have not gagged once yet from his "projectiles".

melissa o said...

I love this post and I love how honest you are about mommyhood.

Amy said...

I think one major thing parenting has shown me is how I know so much more than Micah, and I have an end in mind. He sees the immediate - he hates having his diaper changed or sleeping or whatever - but I see the long term and how it is good for him. And I do it all out of love.

I also see how humblingly dependent on me Micah is, and I want to be that dependent and trusting of God!