what is bumpits you ask? well, let me tell you about the hilarious infomercial i saw today. it happened like this:

i was flipping through the channels and stopped when i saw a before and after shot of a girl with normal looking "flat" hair and the after was the utah hair, just not as ratty. why that was the after is the reason i started watching. turns out, there is now a device you can put on your head, in your hair to create that perfect bump - enter bumpits. easy as one, two, three:


notice they said gently tease, gently


yes, it is a large plastic object to be worn on your head all day (comes in four shades to match your hair)


no light spray allowed! firmly spray and you have great looking "utah" or hollywood (as the site claims) hair

okay, i couldn't copy any of the other pictures so i linked the title of this post to their homepage. you need to check this out, for only 19.99 plus 7.95 shipping and handling you too could own the bumpit, two mini bumpits, and the larger hollywood bumpit (extra shipping).

so all you teachers out there or mothers with teenage girls, please encourage them to keep the hair God gave them (yes, more flat) and if they need to have the bump - at least buy them bumpits, even if it is just for the prom. that way their hair can look ridiculous without the terrible rat's nest or holes and box look. thank you


Natalie said...

oh my....that has Utah written all over it....I don't know many in Hollywood who do that!

Claire said...

Hilarious! One of my friends on fb had a message that she finally got her bumpits in the mail, and I was like, what the crap!? NOW I know! HILARIOUS!!!