work weekend

this week is the end of the first quarter at chs. the last day is thursday which means we get a day off on friday! i was so excited to have a day off (i still am), but i think i will be spending the whole weekend grading because report cards are due monday morning! i will be sleeping-in friday at least. if you have homework or something non-exciting, come to the coffee shop and hang with me! we will make it exciting. i think i will cut the grading off at 6 pm every night, so if there is anything going on, pete and i would like to come. thanks for reading, but i want to know how you are doing. leave me a comment on what you plan to do this wonderful fall weekend!

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Leah said...

We are heading up to Washington DC tomorrow morning to see our VA friends and they are throwing a baby shower for us, followed by a huge party to so we can see all of our old friends, some of which are visiting from out of state so it should be a blast!