posting is fun, you should try it some time

this post goes out to all of you, my friends who have not posted in a month or so! i want to know what is going on in your lives, no matter how dull or boring, or post unworthy you may think it is. take me for instance... i have no idea what to blog, so i am blogging about your unblogging! so this post is for you: julie, i realize that claire's wedding was good, but you have since moved back to cali and started school again; meredith, if you are not going to post, tell me, but i want you to; micah, your bike is great, but what else is goin' on; whitney, it's cold now, softball has to be over, what's new? carrie, warning to you, in three days it will have been a month for you. matthew, good job updating us on your new life, keep it coming. sarah, you barely made it because you posted as i was writing this. and micah or whoever posts on the sickreviews besides me - do it because my reviews are not that good!

that is all, i just like to read what is going on in your life, sorry if i do not have an interesting post but i did post.

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