"Gracious Father, grant me a lowly spirit of gratitude.
Make me feel the preciousness of past grace.
Give me an honest memory of mercy.
Forgive me for the pride of unremembered
gifts and callous thanklessness.
Waken faith in my wavering soul
and give me strong confindence
in your solid promises.
Where past and future meet
make me humble and bold.
In Jesus' name and for His sake,
(Taken from John Piper's book, Life as a Vapor, page 51.)

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ryan said...

hey that was really good!

about chris tomlin... i hadn't seen him before...and i haven't seen a worship band for a LONG TIME... so the combination of those two factors makes me believe that the show was WELL worth my money. it was a worship experience like i haven't had in years... plus he is my favorite worship leader of all time... so, i guess what i'm saying is that if you want to worship like its nobody's business, its worth any amount of money. ;) good luck with making a decision based off this information.