out of town

pete and i are going out of town this weekend. we are going on a road trip with mat, jeremy, stacy, and jesse to missouri for ryan's wedding. yes, we are driving, but it will be fun, i've decided that it will be. a lot has happened since i last posted.

pete and i had our third year anniversary on the 15th! still seems like yesterday

we went to lagoon yesterday for school. it was so fun! i got to ride all the rides i like, and they have changed it a bit since i've been about 2 years ago... the "new" fountain is cool, the bat ride is not.

school is over next thursday, and i'm missing graduation for the wedding, but i'll see pictures. i pray they make good choices.

i will start working part-time this summer at the same summer camp as last year. tuesday, wednesday, thursday every week.

that's all for now, i'll post after we get back.


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mom said...

Wishing you all safety and a good time!