fun at school

who says you can't have fun at school! my history class has been working on timelines all year. They had to find two people, two events, a civilization, and a picture for every chapter and write it on a receipt roll. I told them we would go to the gym at the end of the year and roll them out to see how long they were. I took some pictures of the event.

We rolled them out starting at one end

and continued on to the other end

Afterwards I told them they could have some fun and throw them around

We ended up with a mummy and a couple monsters before we went back to class.

it was a good time, i hope they remember it, i'll tweek the project to make it better for next year, because i don't know that they learned much from it.


mat said...

so cool!

Ciao Baby said...

i think they will remember; that was cool