actually there

we're home, safe, and now i have been to missouri! woohoo! i took my camera intending on taking a lot of pictures. i took some, mostly of nothing, and a few of people. i did not document the trip like i wanted to. the one time i could have taken a lot of pictures, the van my camera was in went frisbee golfing without me.

anyway, our trip was good. the only thing i would say is that 18-19 hours in a minivan with 6 people is too long to drive. we drove through wyoming, nebraska and about 15 minutes in iowa before driving through missouri. we stayed in lake of the osarks the first night, branson the second night, and springfield the third night. the wedding was outside of springfield in a red brick church. it was a beautiful ceremony and reception. i did not take pictures, but jen will post a few i'm sure.
the pictures below are in order from the beginning to the end of our trip. i had a lot of fun, and am happy for ryan and meredith. the trip was a good time, the only thing i wish i had was a picture of our group at the wedding to prove we were actually there! have a good day.

before sunrise on thursday, entering wyoming
sunrise, yes i was up to see it!

nebraska corn, still pretty short
farm house in nebraska, looked like this for 9 hours.

sunset thursday in missouri
it rained a bit that day
sunset is still good anywhere you go
we took care of avery while they took pictures before the wedding. she was in three then we had to wait, so we tried to teach her how to throw a frisbee, she still needs some practice
we played hide and seek in a big open field, so avery went and hid behind a man she didn't know. she even sat down in her pretty white dress, at which time the game ended.

we switched the game to spin avery until she might be sick, she didn't get sick, but it was fun. ryan had a turn
then mat, who even considered safety (armpits so no sockets come out of place)
so we waited for the pictures to finish
we watched them all and they were beautiful, avery said so
she also had to carry this heavy ball of flowers down the aisle. she did a great job
we went inside and the wedding began and we ate some good chicken and rice, then sent them away and cleaned up. it was fun.
missouri has a lot of trees, and a town named amazonia (very fitting)
in the van home, pete drove, then mat, and jesse.
i took a picture of the harley shop in missouri for my dad
pete after about 8 hours (so fun)
wyoming, pretty, no matter what jesse thinks
more wyoming and all the bugs on our windshield
utah, good sunset
love the mountains, it was great to see them again
last note, my pedicure made it through. it has been two weeks now, go, go, go!


sarah said...

go, go, go!
haha. sounds like fun. let's have that much fun at glen-dawgs wedding!

Carrie said...

I wish I could have made it. But, the new car that stole all my traveling money is great. Come visit me in Ohio anytime...we have lots of trees too...and it's only another 8 hours from Springfield...

mat said...

i can't believe we don't have a group picture. o well.