pictures with the girls

on monday the cheer team and their respective coaches (me, sarah, and kelli) went to avante photography to get our team pictures taken. this is the first year they have done that, but they wanted to get their hair and makeup done before the picture and avante does both. i have had bitter experiences with those types of photo places because of high school, but i agreed to let them experience it for themselves (some had the same experience as me). anyway, sarah, kelli, and i got our hair and makeup done too. it was really fun being in the coaches shoes because avante gives the coach a free picture package which includes a free 8x10, 8 wallets, team photo, and an eight pose photo session. kelli, sarah, and i took a couple pictures, then sarah and i took sister pictures. it was really fun and we had a great time. the girls were still themselves, but we survived nonetheless. shout out to kelli and sarah for making it so i didn't have to do that alone and you're the best coaches ever!

p.s. my new profile picture is from a picture that pete took later that night (with my new camera, post to come about that) while my hair and makeup was still pretty. i think the makeup was too much, but it looks good in pictures.

so overall this post was directed towards the girls, but i'll post again soon so everyone can enjoy it.


jules said...

you look Beautiful! and i come home the 16th... exciting!

Kim-Kim said...

I think you are a beauty always!

Ciao Baby said...

A tear in my eye baby girl