o Christmas tree, o Christmas tree!

okay, this post will shock and amaze you. pete and i bought a Christmas tree. but it is not just any normal, run of the mill, 6ft. green tree. no, i bought it on my own (pete does not like it) anyway, it came from target. and as we all know, target has some interesting items for sale in their store. i was looking around, minding my own business, when it jumped out at me (caught my eye) there it was, sitting with its friends on the top shelf. there were all kinds, big, small, different colors, and even one with berries. but the kind that caught my eye was teal (my favorite) with peacock feathers.

feathers you ask, yep! our tree is about 18" tall with all blue feathers. my rational in buying this outrageous item is because we do not have kids, or anyone who cares for the tradition of decorating the tree. pete and i did that last year. i still decorated the house with a nativity scene (i'll put a picture later) and other Christmas type things like a wreath. but i wanted to be a little crazy so i bought a tree made of feathers.
here are some pictures to tickle your fancy (get it, feathers, tickle...haha)

the lamps now have a friend!

i also bought a tree for my classroom. it is awesome retro looking some like to say iredescent!

the cups are white, but i think they look better this way. (more fun with my new camera)
have a wonderful day (maybe the trees will bring a smile to your face)


micah said...

i have to say that tree is pretty cool ...

sarah said...

that might be the single greatest tree i have ever seen...maybe.

Ciao Baby said...

what is the white thing on your classroom tree? pretty funky

Ciao Baby said...

i mean; what is the blue thing on your white tree?

Kim-Kim said...

That tree is radically awesome! I actually saw that and thought for a second, "hey, those colors would actually match my Christmas Decor this year.....hmmmmm"
But I didn't get it.
I opted for the traditional tree instead.