Christmas collage

well, we made it through Christmas time with thankful hearts and time with our family and friends. i am reminded every Christmas of how great God really is! He came as a baby and grew to a man who died on a cross for my sins and yours! He is an amazing God! i am using a lot of exclamation points because He deserves it!

that is what i came away with this Christmas. below is a picture collage of our fun and some of our new toys... we had Christmas dinner with my parents, and carrie came too. the first is a blurry picture that carrie took but we liked it a lot. pete took the picture of the candle, well done. the next picture is of my brother craig (i don't know if i have put a picture of him on here before?) the last picture of dinner was taken by pete of our table, my parents, and the shiny trees in the background. the next pictures are the actual opening of presents, pete received an ipod speaker dock that works great in our house (thank-you) and i received a shiny pink ipod that i love (thanks to pete) the last picture is for documentation purposes. we ate at home last night with carrie cooking most of it, i helped.

anyway, hope you enjoy the collage, have a great day.


Kim-Kim said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I am so glad you had fun with your family.

Ciao Baby said...

The candle photo looks good enough for a holiday card...what do you think? $500.00

micah said...

hi friends! sounds like you had a great Christmas! We had a small but nice Christmas that i will tell you all about later. well im going to try and post on my own blog for you all so check it soon. talk to you later