the p.l.a.n.

i hope your weekend is going well, mine is long and relaxing (as much as it can be). right now pete and i are at got coffee? reading and such, and i am reading a book called "just like Jesus" by max lucado. it is really good. each chapter addresses a different area of life that we as christians struggle with. chapter seven is about having a focused heart. so i will share with you max's thoughts on being focused on God.

as you know, our life has been crazy lately, and it has been hard to keep focused on God with so much going on... just an update, i should be talking with mike at the high school about my job sometime next week. our offer was accepted, so we will hopefully be moving july 27thish, we are currently staying in the gompert's extra room. we are excited for everything that is changing in our life, yet it is still hard to focus on God.

max lucado made an acrostic to help us remember what we should be doing and thinking to stay focused on God.

the p.l.a.n.
am i fitting into God's plan?
what are my longings?
what are my abilities?
am i serving God now?

these are the (small) explinations to help you understand max's thinking...
as a part of God's plan, we need to be witnessing and sharing the gospel with others to ultimately bring them to God and bring God glory. we are Christ's ambassadors.
our longings and desires were given by God and we need to pray that we can surrender them to Him.
our abilities are things we are capable or strong at. we desire some things that we are not good at, and that's okay, but it is good to use the strengths that God has provided in serving others.
serving God now means we shouldn't wait until we complete this or that, He wants our service now in what ever we do. our job, or friendships, all of our lives should be serving Him.

that chapter was a good reminder for me. i know that i don't need to worry about anything, or focus on anything that doesn't further God's kingdom. i want all my focus to be on Him and everything else won't be such a problem.

"I ask-ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory - to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do." ephesians 1: 17-18 (msg)

may God help you remain focused on Him for He is all that we need!


jen said...

It is always comforting to me to know that God is the one who laid the desires of my heart on my heart in the first place...and therefore, of course he wants to fulfill them. Being open to allow Him to do so in His way, rather than my own, is the challenge. His way is so much better than my own. (sigh)

sarah said...

in the past i've focused on those desires in a non-Godly way, but lately i've wanted to focus on them in a different way. a more Godly way. thanks for the encouraging words, i've been getting a bit discouraged this week. muga muga!