my turn

now that i have read all of your posts, it's my turn! jen, this one's for you. yes, more often than not, i don't post because i think my life is boring, but here you go anyway... a couple of announcements (no i'm not pregnant) and an update on the house.

my mom's procedure to remove the kidney stone was successful and she is feeling fine. she didn't even take any pain pills (yet) ! love you mom

brett t. is going to be back in town on july 13thish, so hopefully we can all hang out sometime! maybe we can talk in funny british accents to remind him of the uk, not really though, my british accent is awful!

now for the update, we are supposedly closing on our house tomorrow (tues.) at 4pm. the plan is to sign some (many) papers, then move all our stuff to the garage and set up the bed. after that the plan is to rip out carpet! for those who will be at Bible study, the announcement that should be made by p.t. is... everyone is invited to come to help us paint on saturday starting around 9am! the more the merrier, i think! so that is the update. pete is going to take this week and next week off to work on the house. i will be helping everyday when i get off work. i do have friday this week and tuesday next week off yahoo!

thanks for your prayers, if you want or desire to help on other times besides saturday, call us up, we wouldn't mind the help.

boring as ever, but i may not post for a while so have a great week, and i'll let you know how it goes! love amy

oh yeah, this is for micah and whomever else wanted to know... sunday worship was good except i was all ready to be in my own zone and steve asked me to play drums out of no where when pete and i arrived to sunday school (maybe i won't go early anymore). it wasn't that bad, it's just i had my heart set on worshipping in my own seat, not in front of anyone. i merely had to change my heart (which was hard) i did pretty good, but i didn't worship much because i hadn't practiced all the songs, so i was concentrating pretty hard on staying with the group. so for all you who play on worship teams, don't run your team that way. i didn't even get to see seth and jen play for offerring! i was dissappointed. the sermon was really good, we are starting james, so come up and hear!


sarah said...

i have an announcement=you're pregnant! oh good memories!(by the way steph is engaged.) you can count on me to be there! muga muga.

jen said...

Hooray for amy posting! I love to have some good reading material to go with my morning coffee. If it counts for anything, i'm ready for you to be pregnant. And believe me, missing offertory was to the benefit of your ears! Hope all goes well with the house today.

Meredith said...

It sounds like you life is more heinous than mine.
Good luck with the house today. I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly.

I wish I could be there to help you's one of my favorite things to do. I'll be thinking about you guys of that makes you feel any better.

Have a great week!

Kim-Kim said...

Hey!!! I totally want to come help on the house.

Where is it? I need directions!!!
You told me the general area, but I don't have an address