family and fireworks

my day consits of spending time with family, and enjoying a fireworks display at weber state tonight!

after church we went out to red robin with my aunt and uncle, and their two children and their wives, and kids, and two friends. confusing, i know. but it was so much fun, and i haven't seen them in a long time. i wish corie lived here so i could spend more time with her, we are more alike now than we used to be. colorado has been good to her. anyway it was really good, and i would like to say they are doing great things for Christ. Ben (her husband) is a pastor of a small church, and they are going to change things up a bit and meet on sundays for a message, but have smaller house church things happen every other time, keeping it simple, which is where our church is headed i hope. simple makes it easier to focus on God and His purposes! so thank-you to corie and ben, you are loved my many in utah, hope to see you again soon (do i hear a family reunion coming?)

tonight is the pops concert at weber state, and we always attend the fireworks. i love fireworks, and this year we didn't see any at the 4th (although the backyard display at my parents was impressive), so this is the first this year!

hopefully you are having a great day, and if you are not, go out and buy max lucado's book , "just like Jesus" and read it. it may not make your day better, but it will make you realize your need to be more like Christ.


sarah said...

hey you. i had a great day yesterday and can't wait to tell you tonight when we pump iron! muga muga

Ashley said...

yeah for Weber fireworks!