God is so good!

every time i post about moving, we don't move! so, you guessed it, the house fell through. i know, i know how many times, but it's okay. we still sold our house as of today, and we moved out last night. the complication comes with the place we moved to. we got a call from steve yesterday who got a call from the other realtor at our new house (actually from her secretary because she is on vacation at lake powell)... the bank is forclosing on the new house! so it turned into more of a hassle than we wanted so we told them no thank-you. we are currently staying in glendon's basement (thanks buddy) and we will be staying with pete's parents for as long as we need to. (all our stuff is at mike's house, including the dog) thanks mike!

so while we were homeless for a couple of hours, steve (the best guy ever), shopped around and showed us four houses (one we didn't even go in, it was bad) anyway, the second one we looked at caught our eye. so we put an offer in today (more to come tomorrow, we may move at the end of the month). this house is in ogden on rancho vista and it is the third house down from the mountains! (pete is so excited) it is also in the same neighborhood as his friend sebastian. lanie and josh's house is 1 1/2 blocks away! so we might be close to friends! the house is bigger than our old one with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath and a kitchen that is open to the living room (so i can chat and cook at the same time). it is cozy yet big enough!

we love you all so much and will let you know more soon (5pm tomorrow we hear about our offer) so be patient with us, and God will work this out. i forgot to tell you, the house is the same price as the one in n.ogden, and it was built in 1999. (oh yeah, also comes with central air and a two car garage!) also i have some pictures of our old house and the moving process, but the connector cord is packed. so they will come later!

love and thanks, from amy-g


sarah said...

you forgot about the bird sanctuary behind it that pete and steve will enjoy with their shotguns! jk. muga muga

jen said...

sheesh, girl, you have waaay more patience than i think i would have at this point! I'm glad everything is working out, despite all the ups and downs. so it sounds like with this house, you would be even closer to us?! fun stuff.

mat said...

o no! i can't believe it! i'm so sorry. hope everything works out soon.

Meredith said...

I'm glad that you have such a great attitude about this whole thing. I'm pretty sure I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago!
Keep hanging in there and know that I'm praying for you guys!

Have a great weekend!

Kim-Kim said...

YOu have been through so much friend, and yet, you have such a positive attitude. It is so great to see your reliance on the Lord for your strength, and I know that because it shine through you everytime you talk about the events going on in your life.
You are a great woman of God, and I love you!