Peaceful Home

Aside from the obvious upside of the kids sleeping over at their grandparent's, a night alone for us, there is another upside today: a peaceful house.

Like most other sleepovers, they fell asleep late and woke up early. Usually this results in grumpy kids who fight with me all day long. Today, I picked them up earlier than usual and came straight home. In the past I have picked the kids up and attempted a few Saturday errands before heading home. That has always been a trying experience for all involved so I skipped the adventures today and drove the twenty minutes home. The boy fell asleep in the car (after being awake off and on since four a.m.!) and the girl tried her hardest to rest but didn't find sleep. There was a small breakdown of both children when we arrived home but I quickly rushed them to their beds and suggested a rest would help them be better able to play outside this afternoon. They bought it and are now both sleeping in their beds! 

I am in a quiet peaceful home, not only last night but now this morning as well. Coffee, music, and writing at the kitchen table, while my babies sleep and my husband works on the bronco, is very welcomed. A big thank-you to my parents, who are probably more tired than my kids, for affording us the night last night with friends at grow group - a much needed time for both me and Pete. 

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