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Happy New Year! New year, and a renewed life for me. I am excited for what this year will bring and I pray to face it with Thanks, Grace, and Joy in Christ: Eucharisteo. This year, I am going to read the whole Bible. It has been a few years - I think the last time was 2010? So I'm diving in again to become refreshed and filled with God's word. The plan I have chosen is about 4 chapters a day but it's a little different because it's set up by quarters of the year instead of daily tasks. It's called the "Bible Eater" plan because every quarter there are also selected books of the Bible that are meant to be read in one sitting - or at least as much as you can over a few days. Each quarter allows for 4 days off (or maybe 4 catch up days in my case) but it's nice to be able to more or less make my own schedule. Below is an article that gives many more options for reading the whole Bible this year. If you haven't ever read the whole Bible through, I suggest you do. I think there is a plan in the article for reading the Bible in two years, if one is too much daily reading - but you can do it! Let me know if you have chosen to read the whole Bible this year; accountability is so important in my life and I would love to ask you how it's going. Feel free to ask me as well. I have great expectations for my growth with Jesus this year. Let's get 2014 underway!

The Gospel Coalition - How to read the Whole Bible in 2014

Bible Eater - Trent Hunter

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