so much yet so little

i enjoy talking to jane about the world. even though she is two and a bit years old she seems to know so much. compared to ben's knowledge of the world (his bed, and family) she knows so much more than him; but when compared to what we as her parents know, jane knows practically nothing. yesterday, i had a conversation that reminded me of how much she knows and yet how little all at the same time. here's what happened: pete went to san fransico for the day to attend a meeting. he left at 6am and arrived back in slc at 6:30pm. to me, the adult, i am amazed that we now fly to different states for a two hour meeting (all of which could have been complete via skype but pete's boss wanted to see the people and the place with his own eyes i guess.) 

lately pete has been working from home on thursday and every morning jane asks where dad is. thursday is also the night there is an elder's meeting at our church which plays into the conversation a bit. so thursday's conversation went this way: 

jane: where's dad?
mom: well, he's at work but today he went on an airplane to work
j: an airplane? 
m: yes, for a meeting
j: with pastor terry? 
m: no, with people from black diamond
m: he went to san fransico, it's a city in california
j: to see uncle craig? 
m: no, it's not near uncle craig, but uncle craig does live in california, just not san fransico
j: i go see dad? 
m: you can see him later tonight when he comes home

so that's what she knows. she knows that usually when i tell her, "dad is at a meeting" it means he is at church with pastor terry for elder's meeting. and when i mention california we are usually talking about where uncle craig lives in pasadena. so my baby girl is so smart but still has so far to go and I look forward to helping her learn as much as i can. 

the next time you see jane, ask her what country she lives in. we are starting to work on memorizing where we live and it is so cute to hear her say, "united states of america" 

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