happy birthday!

i like to think of Christmas as Jesus' birthday because it reminds me to "give" a gift to Him as i do for others on Christmas and their birthdays. i think this started in high school youth group with terry m as my youth pastor. he encouraged us to think of something only we can give over or give up to Jesus and start doing that on Christmas.

some years have been more intentional than others; to be honest, i totally forgot about it this year until about two days ago. i think about what in my life could be better for God or change and work that into a "gift." last year, - i have forgotten. perhaps i wrote it down somewhere but the memory is meshed with my new year's resolutions so i can't keep them straight. i'll have to look back in my journal or blog to figure it out.

this year, i am giving Jesus more of my time each day. for the past three weeks i have made a list on sunday or monday of all the things i need to accomplish that week or appointments - even the fun type. sadly, i have left off "time in prayer or Bible reading" i am still reading proverbs for december but i am two days behind. i need to have quality time just praying and sharing my life with God and right now i am terrible in that area. so i am going to physically write it on my list and make a better habit of reading my Bible and sharing with others what i am learning. hopefully by doing that, it will transfer into my life through a better attitude about everything, more thoughts about God that i share with jane, and an overall better amy. hopefully you can keep me to it, in a kind way.

Merry Christmas!

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