november, done

i finished all my snippets for november month of thankfulness. though i will not be writing a snippet every single day any more i do want to continue the thankful attitude and positive thinking. being thankful and actually thinking about it and telling others about what i am thankful for has helped my attitude and outlook on who i am and what i am doing with my life. it is so easy to get discouraged, especially when it's just me and little jane most days (a lot of time to be with my thoughts) but i can't let that happen because that's not the person God wants me to be. so if you find yourself discouraged during these cold winter months, i encourage you to reflect on how blessed you are and how great our God is!

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Sarah said...

Hello! I haven't been on the blogging world in a while, so i've missed out on your thankful snippets. I like it. Good idea sister.