it's a BOY!

i went for my 16 week (4 month) checkup and ultrasound today and we found out baby #2 is a boy! pete is very excited; i am too but i was just fine with another girl. baby looks healthy and weighs about 6oz measuring at what a 17 week baby would be (i'm 16.5 wks pregnant so right on track.) i waited until now to tell the internet i was pregnant - mostly to see if i had the will power to do so, it was easier than i thought - but i am glad i finally did. so much of my everyday life obviously deals with pregnancy and sometimes it's nice to share that with others who know how it feels. i am giving this pregnancy to God's control everyday. it is so easy to let my sinful nature and satan take over my thoughts and convince me something bad will happen. i trust God and know that whatever happens, good or not, He is sovereign and will sustain me.


Kimber said...

That is great news to hear Amy! Congrats to you and Pete for going to be having another baby :)

Ashley said...

Congrats, I didn't realize you were pregnant!