in one month

one month and i will be finished with school! i am in my last semester of the education program at weber state and i cannot wait to finish! as i look ahead, this month could be the last time i have to write a paper, the last journal i have to turn in, the last time i have to update my portfolio... and on it goes. that is of course if i do not continue and get a masters. i am currently undecided on that issue, but i am thinking at least not for a while.

as i look back, i realized that except for the summers, there has not been a time when i was not in school - since i was 5! that is about 19 years of my life! i enjoy school, which is perhaps why i went to college and became a teacher. i will miss going to class and listening to lectures, but i will be so glad to finally "arrive" and join the adults in a career and feel a little more grown up.

to all of you who helped me through the past 5 years of my life, thank you! i am grateful for all the times we went to the coffee shop, pretending to study. i am grateful for the talks about issues that i was confused on and you helped me better understand. i am also grateful for the fun things we did when it seemed like all i ever did was homework.

thank you especially to pete and my parents because you saw me when i was grumpy and upset or really tired because i procrastinated and had to stay up late which only made me more mad at myself. you are so good to me even when i am grumpy or ungrateful (thanks for everything, now we do not have any college debt!)

so thanks, God is so good to me and i pray that He can help you through what you are striving for just like He helps me!

love, amy


Anonymous said...

Name your new dog "One-Eyed Willie" From the movie the Goonies. Maybe he has some hidden treasure hidden away.

Kimber said...

It was a great feeling to finally be done with college classes, you are absolutely right about that :)
Congrats on almost being done!