baby bella

pete and i recently bought a puppy! her name is bella and she is beautiful (thus the name). she is an australian shepherd/black lab mix but mostly australian shepherd. She has one blue eye one brown and a natural bob tail. we love her but it is a lot of work!

i feel like we have a two year old. the cute infant stage lasted two days, and we were only there for one of them. (we bought her and then went out of town for thanksgiving while my parents and sister watched her)

now she is in the bite everything that moves stage and we are working on potty training. she is doing pretty good but we have to watch her like a hawk and i don't get anything done while she is out of her carrier.

here are some pictures, the rest will come later (it is difficult to take good pictures of a constantly moving dog)


sarah said...

bella baby, i love you! and your little chompers too!

Whitney said...

Cute! Her and Peto will have to meet!