once a week

that is my commitment to you. i will blog at least once a week. so far i am doing a good job, give or take a day. so here is my blog for this week. we will take a look back...

~sunday was filled with worship practice, church, lunch at the gompert's, and frisbee golf.

~monday was my day off. i went to the gym with lanie, body pump class was intense. we also had Bible study later that evening which was a good discussion about spiritual gifts and using all of our gifts for the building up of the body.

~tuesday i worked all day. 3rd and 4th graders are quite a change from the pre-schoolers last week. we went frisbee golfing that night, then home to sleep.

~wednesday i worked with 2nd grade, less stressful than 3-4th, but filled with petty problems that i couldn't fix for them. wednesday after work i went to payless with lanie and anasten, i bought two pairs because it was buy one get one half off. i also ate dinner with them while pete worked on jesse's car.

~thursday was a long day at work helping 5-7th. it went by slowly because i actually had time to sit while they entertained themselves for a while.

~friday was our day off. pete and i went to my grandparent's cabin to help my parents because they are remodeling. we tore out cabinets and fixed the carpet in the loft. my dad and pete framed a section of the wall and moved the stairs. it was a pretty good time. we met up with terry, jesse, jeremy, stacy, matt, and tommy for frisbee golf. i played on terry's team so we scored -3 on a 10 hole game. normally i score about 22 on an 18 hole game.

~saturday (today) was the highway clean-up for the church. twice a year we clean a section of trapper's loop. we start with groups at both ends and meet in the middle. it was pretty good this year, not as much trash as last year. we saw one live snake, one dead snake, and one snake skin. also, glendon got the prize for best trash because he found someones driver's license. we then went out to lunch with the gompert's and the grandparents for father's day. pete fixed the a/c in my car (we hope) and now we are sitting at the coffee shop doing a bit of blogging and reading.

sorry that post was so random, i thought it would be fun to write it all down (mostly for myself) the weekly posts will not be like that again.

congratulations to ben and tiff who we now call momala and daddy-o! little noah was born thursday night and he is 6lbs of healthy baby boy.

have a great day if i don't see you before the end of today!


Jen said...

I like hearing the tidbits of what your life is like during the week...i say you should do more posts like that. :) Good job with music today.

mat said...

its been a week