dinosaur park

last friday i had the day off, almost. my boss called and asked me to work for four hours at the fieldtrip to dinosaur park. i went because it was only four hours and we took 90 kids. i realized that dinosaur park is the same every time you go. it felt exactly like the fieldtrip last year. i don't know how parents can buy a season pass there. anyway, here's my story... our class (3-4) went to a presentation in the media room. it was the traditional millions of years mumbo jumbo with lots of fossils for display. three things i found interesting, the fossils were actually casts of fossils, they weren't even real. second, the presenter asked the kids how they thought the dinosaurs were destroyed and no one said the flood (am i alone in that thought? i don't even know were i got that idea). thirdly, one of the teachers i was with asked me if i thought dinosaurs ever existed? i was blown away. i didn't know how to respond. i said, "you don't? " and she said, "no i don't think so" she compared them to the unicorn. anyway, what do you think? did dinosaurs really exist? i think at least the leviathan and bohemoth (not quite spelled correctly?) really did because it mentions them in the Bible but that doesn't mean they were dinosaurs like we think of it. i don't know, just a thought.

have a great day! thanks mat for helping me keep my once a week blog promise (almost).


Kaytee said...

I think dinasaurs were real. I don't really know how to explain all of the fossils if they weren't. I was also told once that maybe the behemoth & leviathan mentioned in Job 40&41 were actually dinasaurs but who knows. So yeah, I believe that they were real but I don't know how they became extinct. Could be the flood, heard a lot about that theory and it sounds pretty good, I heard once that repitles are the only animals that never stop growing and so actually, the repiles we have no are kind of dinasaurs but they don't live long enough to get as big as the dinasuars because life expectancy isn't nearly as long now. Thats an interesting one. Or there could have been famine, disease, or whatever ... I think I'm going to ask God this question when I get to heaven. So those are my thoughts :o)
P.S. I think I want that free week pass you were talking about. It would be fun to work out in a gym, I haven't done that in SO long! But body pumping sounds intimidating ... I'n really not in good shape!

mat said...

this is my third attempt at a comment. i am speechless.

Whitney said...

All I can say is I do not miss Adventure camp one bit! My fondest memory? Trudging through the fields at the Ogden Nature Center in 90+ degree weather with no water and 10+ dehydrated, crying, whining, little Kindergartners. AUGH! Hang in there!