spring, it is great

okay, here's the story.... i was blogging about spring, and how i enjoy it. when all of a sudden, my browser decided to close! i know i was as surprised as you are. anyway, i opened up blogger, and low and behold, there it was! just kidding! it was gone, no backup save, no nothing. so i must write it again. if it is not as good as the first one, you will never know because you did not read the first one, but it was good!....

as i was saying, today is march 10th, not yet spring. but nevertheless i have declared it fit to wear flip-flops from this day forth. i have worn the chacos on numerous occasions, but flip-flops hold a special place in my heart, so go ahead, wear those flip-flops proudly!

i love spring, know why? i love it because the air is still crisp and fresh smelling. it can clear out your sinuses, but not freeze your insides. also, the mountains still have snow, but the leaves are coming back. i think fall and spring are my favorite seasons, that is when the change happens. i think i like living in utah because you never get too much or too little of anyone season (well, winter overstays its welcome periodically) but other than that it is so enjoyable for the most part. spring is the time when you can be outside forever and not be forced inside by the 100 degree heat or freezing wet temps.

i do enjoy spring, but today i am cooped up inside doing homework. that will end come may, at which time i will be making a trip to antelope island as i have arranged to do so with a friend. to those who hate antelope island, boo on you! i will be going, and anyone who wants to come my join us, just let me know, and i'll let you know! i am looking forward to all but the bugs; but i can deal with that for a few hours. think of those who live in syracuse and have to deal with it all spring, summer, and fall! i pity your children.

anyway, that is my attempt to post. i hope you enjoyed it, have a great spring (almost) day!


sarah said...

that was good...i'm speechless.

micah said...

i love spring too. and i won't be proudly wearing any flip flops thank you very much! but it's nice to walk play in the park and outside. and the sun is nice too.