hard day

today was a hard day.
it started out fine, i woke up a little late, but made it to school on time.
my professor was on one today so we got a lecture about how teachers don't have their students write in class enough, and how it's not solely up to the english teachers anymore. all of that. overall, it was a good class.
i then proceeded to go to school, school (job) and finish preparing my lesson for 3rd period. i gave them a group project/ teach the class assignment and all they can do is complain. it was not that bad until three or four of them were disrespectful to me right to my face right at the end of class. so i lectured them about how we should respect our authority and all of that. i was not happy, which made it worse for the next class, five minutes later!

needless to say, i have not done a good job of being Jesus to the students today. it is days like these that make you want spring break to come even faster.

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mat said...

i really think that being a teacher is the hardest job in the world. at least most days. then there's those times when not only is it the hardest job in the world, but also the best. you're doing a great job.