to grade or not to grade?

i don't remember the end of the quarter being so hard! when i was in high school, the end of the quarter was stressful, but not that bad. now that i am the teacher, it is stressful. i made the mistake of giving two essay tests the last two days of the quarter. stupid, stupid, stupid! don't do that! anyway i am at the coffee shop trying to grade said tests, and i have completed one class. the problem is that it was my smaller class, i still have the 24 student one to go. with all that said, i love teaching. it is something that makes me smile when i think of all the students and how they affect my life. i hope i affect their lives positively too. this is also a shout out to my teacher friends, most of which will never see this post, but thanks anyway! to wenzel, holladay, ferraro, watkins, anderson, and short, you guys are awesome!


Anonymous said...

thanks mrs g! cool new look for your blog!

Ciao Baby said...

What you are accomplishing is; true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent and worthy of praise;

I love you baby