it is tough

i am posting at 1 in the morning to tell you that it is tough to "think on these things." not even 24 hours has passed since my post on phil. 4.8 and i have already failed to think on these things. i posted and then forgot about it. it is tough, the world is all around us telling us it's okay to do worldly things, like movies you think "oh, this one looks good, it has one of my favorite actors in it so what if it's rated r, i think it might be interesting" i am here to tell you that the world thinks it's okay, and as christians, we should not (with God as our guide, i'm not condenming r rated movies, but the last few i've seen aren't good). anyway, i'm sorry to those who joined us, and we will do better next time, Lord willing. so whatever is true and lovely, think on these things.

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