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Yes. It's been a loooong time since my last post - which was written about March2013 but not posted until May - I get it; I'm not too great at this blog thing anymore. And Yes, there was a time when this was my primary means of sharing my life with friends and family via the Internet. Well, now I have Instagram and I enjoy the ease of posting a picture here and there from my phone much better than the complicated, "download pictures from my phone to my laptop then to blogger" alternative. The blogger app is just not that great (though it has been upgraded so I'll give it another try) and I'm up and about - not really around my laptop enough. So with the current set up I have, the blog took a backseat. Plus, my perfectionism tendencies got the better of me and I felt that I couldn't post another thing unless it was entitled "April 2013." So if you can't do it perfectly...don't do it at all. Yes, I'm going to be fighting that battle with my flesh until Jesus comes back or takes me home.

So that leads me here. This blog is still mine - and if I could figure out how to merge it with my real google account, I'd be much happier and also prone to more posting - I want it to continue to keep record of things for me and others who read it. Therefore, there will now be less organized, more random, and hopefully more often, posts for you to read. No more, "if I just post once a month in 2013" or "7 more posts until I reach 300 - maybe I could do it by the end of the year" or any expectations put on myself. So without further ado.... A few videos I found encouraging to me today: thus the post title.

The first link is a video discussion put out by The Gospel Coalition. John Piper, Matt Chandler, and David Platt talk about pain in their own lives and how their view of God helped and changed throughout.
God's goodness in your pain

The second link is a video set to a poem written by John Piper. It gave me such hope as to what life can look like if you view God as sovereign and glorious. Enjoy.
The Calvinist

The Calvinist, version 2 video with subtitles as read by John Piper. Also has a great article explaining the hope the video will bring to the viewers.

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