February 2013

Here's a recap of some of our events for february.

February. It was a good month full of friends and easy-going times.

The extended Krishnan clan came back to town. Leah and her kids as well as Micah and his wifey-to-be. We were able to hang out with Leah and the kids a few times because they were here for two weeks. J and N had a good time, and B is still talking about N as his "friend." It is very sweet. We did have a little mix-up with the boys both having the same name. If Leah would tell her boy to stop something, then mine would stop immediately. It was pretty funny.

Micah had an engagement party at Mat's house. It was a good night to catch up and meet his girl. She fits with him so well. God has blessed them for sure.

On the last night of Leah's visit we went ice skating at the Huntsville ice rink with the Aherns. J had a great time and thanks to Matt and Candace for the heads up on bringing 5 gallon buckets to help the kids support themselves. It will be a good family activity next year because there's not much harm the kids can do (if we remember helmets) and the parents can have some fun themselves. The pictures I took didn't turn out well - I mean, it was dark and they were very small, quick moments I tried to capture.

 There was a small hockey game/practice going on down on the other end. It was a bigger, smoother rink this year and we will return for sure. - though they did have what seemed like 12 year old boys running the rental shop. At least next year they will be older, right?
B didn't use skates and he was a boy on his own, mostly refusing to use a bucket for help. He ended up hanging with Elaine and Leah near the picnic tables most of the time. - Thanks to them for helping me.
 L had a great time hanging over the bucket and being pushed around by Eric.
J doing her thing. It was suggested by everyone but me that we should sign her up for lessons. I'm thinking about it, okay.
My sweetie having a great time.

We love where we live (though not loving the construction in the canyon) and I'm learning to be more and more thankful everyday.

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Sarah said...

It sounds like you had a great month with friends! I'm glad you are doing more posts. It is fun to read more about your family. I'm guilty of using your blog to find updates from other friends more than I probaby should.