february blogging

quick blog update before jane wakes up from her nap (which could be at any moment.) i only blogged once in january and i want to write about things more often - at least to share them with you.

i like the month of february. it is shorter, usually we get some snow, and it has valentine's day. with the month being shorter (though by a few days) i feel like more can be accomplished. this might come from being a teacher because february was an in-between month. the students were back from Christmas break long enough and the end of the quarter/spring fever blues hadn't hit yet. i taught so much in february; it was like my A game month when other teachers dread it for some reason (i was that way with march - not enough breaks and spring comes back.)

anyway, i am not a fan of super cold temps but i do like to watch the snow come down. i hope it snows soon or spring really does come early this year (thanks little groundhog.) valentine's day is not a crazy big holiday but i feel like it is a "girly" holiday and i celebrate on my own for about 2 weeks. i seem to dress up more, paint my nails, jane and i have socks with hearts... things like that. when jane is older i am going to enjoy making cards with her for our friends and family. i would also like a date night out of the whole thing (hint, hint) but i'll talk with pete about that soon :)

spiritually, february is usually a down month for me. i think because january usually is still going strong from my "new years" high. this year is different because i slacked off quite a bit the last weeks of january so i am in need of more depth in february. i hope to read and study more of acts to coincide with the sermons and go back to previous chapters to study them again. i hope your month can be spiritually uplifting and you will leave february stronger than you came in. well, jane is still not awake, woohoo! i bid you good bye, until my next post. i'll put up some fun videos of jane's craziness lately.


Claire said...

I'm liking Feb so far, though my spiritual determination is lagging, as you said yours usually does. How is it going for you?

amy said...

February is going okay but not great. I am working on reading more in-depth when I do read it's just he actual getting down to business that I am slacking on. At least we still have half the month to get back on track.